xxx Sony 4GB Walkman Video MP3 Player — Damn I Like That!

Sony 4GB Walkman Video MP3 Player

by Hali Felice

Maybe all the iPod hysteria (along with the more recently popular iPhone hysteria), has gotten you a little turned off by the whole Apple “I” everything. Well, there are alternatives that are just as easy to use and just as electronically fit for your needs! If you need an MP3 player that stores only about 2,000 songs, then we’ve got a simple and sleek choice for you. This Sony 4GB Walkman Video MP3 Player is ideal for those who listen to music, with a smaller collection. Comes with a great colored LCD screen, crystal clear headphones and a style all its own. This is a perfect addition to your morning runs, afternoons at the gym or just the train ride home from work. It may be small, but it packs a lot of purpose.

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