xxx Casual Soft-Wash Shirts from Banana Republic — Damn I Like That!

Casual Soft-Wash Shirts from Banana Republic

by Cecil

While we are not sure what’s going on with the Gap, we are continuously impressed by what Banana Republic is doing. Once thought of as the more stylish big brother to Gap, Banana Republic has embraced it’s more casual side without losing it’s edge in refined style.

One example of this is their Casual Soft-Wash Shirts. Available in different styles (Solid, wide-stripe, Gingham, Plaid, Etc.), these shirts are pre-washed in a delicate wash cycle and treated with enzymes to give them a soft, worn-in feel. These are a great option to give you the comfort of a t-shirt, in a dress shirt form.

Editor’s tip: If you have broad shoulders or are a little bigger than most high school seniors, go up one size or get the tall size, as these shirts are cut a little smaller.

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