xxx TIS THE SEASON – Exact Science Boombox T-Shirt — Damn I Like That!

TIS THE SEASON – Exact Science Boombox T-Shirt

by Brent Evans

Tis the season when you could melt a radio on the sidewalk. So, why not wear it on your shirt.

Alright, not the greatest intro, but still a very sweet looking piece of attire to add to your wardrobe. The t-shirt, formerly meant for just undergarment wear, needs to be seen and especially this one. Plus, in a day and age of t-shirts bearing skulls, splatterings, and whatevers, let’s actually wear something that resembles something – what a concept.

Celebrate this Buckle of a Tee with the joy of radio plastered across the front. Although, the melting away boombox kind of resembles the passing of terrestrial radio (Go Sirius – Celebrate, smellebrate – just go get the Exact Science Boombox T-Shirt and enjoy this pocketless, collarless (well, ribbed crew neck), and buttonless marvel.

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