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Upgrade Your Swim Trunks, Now!

by Cecil

With the sun beating down on you and the heat seemingly melting your skin away, those summer time pool and beach party invites couldn’t have come at a better time. The only problem is, what do you wear to such an event. While those old swim trunks with the netting have served you for many years it’s about time you upgraded to something a little more, this season. Men tend to usually not like updating their swim wear and sadly it shows. Those bland trunks your ex-girlfriend told you not to buy, but you did anyway, need to be retired.

We’ve taken the hassle out of you having to shop around and collected some of this seasons best offering in Men’s swimwear. Now all you have to do is decide which pair suits your style.

If you have issues with the length of some swim shorts, then a Bermuda type swimsuit will perfectly match your style. These Red Bermuda-map boardshorts ($59.50) from Jcrew have a 9′ inseam and hit at the knee to give you the length you desire. They also have cargo pockets with a logo label on the left and back Velcro-flap pockets which give you the option to store your wallet, keys and even small electronics like your iPod full of summer tunes. They are made from a quick drying cotton/nylon and have a Velcro® fly with drawstring at waist, so if you have a little extra around the waistline, these will work with you.

If you’ve spent your winter putting in hours at the gym, you might want to go with something a little more fitted, and why not, you worked for it. The appropriately named Yeeha boardies from AussiBum ($58.27) give a more form fitting look with a shorter short and bolder coloring. They are 100% Polyester and have a snap button closure on the waist

Since you won’t be in the water all the time, you might want to opt for something more versatile giving you the option to be stylish on land and functional once in the water. O’Neill, a legend in boardshorts, gives you a bunch of different options to choose from. The Grizzley Boardshort ($52.00 ) features a plaid print with a superfly closure, a side welt pocket and embroidered and screened logo. They are also made out of 100% Ultrasuede Nylon which not only makes them dry super fast, but also gives them a soft feel. This makes them perfect for an easy transition from beach party to bar after party, but only if worn right. *

When it comes to Boardshorts, don’t be afraid to go a little over the top with the pattern. Nine times out of ten, the shorts will be the only thing you have on, so it’s OK if you go a little crazy. Step out of your solid color comfort zone and go with a super bold print like these Quiksilver Thunderland Boardshorts ($52.00). These island-style printed trunks scream bold with their floral and stripes pattern, giving a tropical feel no matter were you are. They are 100% polyester with a neoprene fly with velcro and tie closure.

If any of these shorts are not your style, or maybe now you want to venture out on your own and check out some of the many options in boardshorts and swim trunks, head on over to Swell, Aussie Bum and Jcrew to find more options that we are sure you will like.

*Go commando. There is no need to have soggy underwear or stop the party to change out of them.

Buy | $59.50 – Red Bermuda-map board short
Buy | $58.27 – Yeeha boardies from AussiBum
Buy | $52.00 – O’Neill Grizzley Boardshort
Buy| $52.00 – Quiksilver Thunderland Boardshorts