xxx Axe Rise and Twist — Damn I Like That!

Axe Rise and Twist

by Cecil

Over the last year, axe has stepped their game up and provided men with some reasonably priced shampoos, deodorant, shower gels and body-sprays. For 2010, they’ve come out with their best offering to date with the Axe Rise and Twist lines. We recently received some samples to test and after using them, this is by far my favorite in the Axe line.

The Rise shower gel and body-spray have a fresh citrus fragrance from the lime extract and the shower gel has himalayan minerals to help exfoliate and cleanse the skin. It’s a refreshing clean smell that’s pleasant on the nose and with the body spray, you can refresh later in the day to keep the freshness lasting.

The Axe Twist line also has a hint of citrus, but adds more depth with cedar and sandalwood giving it a more refined scent, think outdoor laundry, in a good way. Axe Twist also comes in a deodorant stick.

By far, these are the best scents I’ve smelled in an axe product, and unlike some of their other products that may be too strong to wear everyday, this is one that you can stick to using daily.

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