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Bump Patrol

by Cecil

While the perfect shave is every man’s holy grail, obtaining a smooth face and neck isn’t always achievable; for some it’s near impossible. While we like to blame our face and hair, we might do better by looking at the tools we use especially if we have problematic skin.

Starting with the right products to accompany your shave is critical; knowing what those products are can be the hard part. For men with Razor Bumps/Razor Burn, this is the essential part, and that’s where Bump Patrol comes in. Their product line is aimed at the 80% of African Americans and 20% of Caucasians who suffer from ingrown hair and irritated skin.

The three treatment products and two shaving products will have your shaved covered from start to finish.


Buy | $8.99 | Extra Strength Formula Intensive Treatment

If you have a case of severe razor bumps, then the Extra Strength Formula Intensive Treatment
is ideal for you. It’s an extra strength formula that eliminates bumps quickly and nourishes the skin with built-in moisturizer showing results within 48 hours.


Buy | $8.99 | Sensitive Formula Bump Patrol Razor Bump Intensive Treatment

The reformulated Sensitive Formula Bump Patrol Razor Bump Intensive Treatment is alcohol free for hypersensitive skin and with continual use, keeps razor bumps and burn away.


Buy | $7.99 | Bump Patrol Aftershave Bump Treatment Original

There is also the Bump Patrol Aftershave Bump Treatment Original , which also soothes irritated skin and keeps bumps at bay while moisturizing.


Buy | $4.29 Each | Cool Shaving Gel & have Gel with Aloe Vera

The two shaving products get you started in the right direction helping to minimize the cause of razor bumps. The Bump Patrol Cool Shaving Gel with Menthol improves razor glide with a rich creamy lather that lubricates and protects the skin, while the Bump Patrol Sensitive Shave Gel with Aloe Vera is for more sensitive skin.

If you want a clean shave and don’t want to worry about bumps or burns, Bump Patrol is the way to go!