xxx 7 Pair Of Uggs Men Can Wear — Damn I Like That!

7 Pair Of Uggs Men Can Wear

by Cecil

Sometime comfort wins out over style. In fact, a lot of times comfort wins and that’s why I think Uggs have passed the trendy stage and are now part of woman’s everyday wardrobe, even in the summer. But what about men?

As the leaders in wearing comfortable attire, men are known to forgo style for comfort more so than their female counterparts. But Uggs? Believe it or not, the company known for starting the fluffy sheepskin boot “trend” have more than just boots for women. While a lot of these men styles may have been out for awhile, I’m just starting to notice them.

I once tried on a pair of Men’s Uggs, an while I didn’t like the look, I can’t argue with the comfort. Here are a few Uggs for men that might be on your or your significant other’s feet in the near future.

Ugg Mason

Ugg Mason – $184.00 | Buy
Ugg Hardy

Ugg Hardy – $194.00 | Buy

Ugg Bradford

Ugg Bradford – $134.00 | Buy

Ugg Hartsville – $184.00 | Buy

Ugg Eilers

Ugg Eilers – $164.00 | Buy

Ugg Worley

Ugg Worley – $154.00 | Buy

Ugg Bryant

Ugg Bryant – $154.00 | Buy