xxx Come Around Sundown – Kings Of Leon — Damn I Like That!

Come Around Sundown – Kings Of Leon

by Brent Evans

You know how when you really like an album and never want it to end. You play it over and over and over again. This repetition leads to knowledge of every lyrical word and every musical note. Well, that’s what 2008’s Only By the Night was for a lot of people, including the typist. Then, after every song slowly becomes listed within your iPod’s Top 25, you realize that you’re going to have to wait patiently for that next masterpiece. Well, it’s arrived – Come Around Sundown .

Starting off the album with “The End” makes one simply enjoy the song. Now, if the boys actually ended their album with this tune, there would be way too many people reading into it, as if this was KoL’s good-bye song. Oh, the humanity! Nevertheless, “The End” starts off the album where Only By the Night left. Next up is the first release off of the album and instant radio hit, both in the terrestrial and satellite world. It’s appropriately titled, “Radioactive.” Now, to show that I’m not giving too much love to the band, I’ll point to track ten, “Pony Up.” I loved the percussion, the simple bass slaps, and the dramatic story telling via Caleb’s vocal; BUT, something was missing. Not sure what it was (picky, picky), but I just wanted a little more from this song. Nevertheless, great music is still packed throughout this album with “Birthday”, “No Money”, and my favorite and chosen hit wonder, “Pickup Truck”.

By no means is this band cashing it in on their recent popularity. Instead, the Kings are back with their fifth album, Come Around Sundown – it’s genuine, it’s real, it’s Kings of Leon.

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