xxx 6-Drawer Organizer — Damn I Like That!

6-Drawer Organizer

by Alicia

Make-up is one of my downfalls. I just can’t resist a new lip gloss shade or a new eyeshadow for a new season. So because of that, I keep outgrowing all of my make-up cases as I add new products to my collection. I have been on the lookout for different make-up storage. I think this 6 Drawer Organizer Tower would be a good solution if you have a similar problem that I do. It’s a chrome tower with 6 frosted drawers that swivel out. What I like the most about it is the fact that you can separate your products into specific drawers – maybe eyes products in one, lips in another, skin care, nail polishes, etc. It can sit right on a countertop or can be mounted to the wall. There is nothing worse than trying to get ready in the early morning and not being able to find something that you are looking for. This can help to make sure all your morning routine products are all in one place and organized.

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