xxx MURO Notepaper Roll Holder by Blomus — Damn I Like That!

MURO Notepaper Roll Holder by Blomus

by Alicia

I am a constant note taker during work and at home. I don’t think I would ever remember anything if I didn’t write it down on a notepad or a post-it. I always have a stack of post-it notes on my desk and I love finding new materials for taking notes. I think this MURO Notepaper Roll Holder by Blomus is really cool. It’s a stainless steel roller that lets you roll out paper onto the flat surface where you can take notes. It almost looks like a cross between a cash register receipt system and a toilet paper holder. It can work on the tabletop or can be hung on a wall. As you complete the note on the piece of paper you can just pull it through the holder, rip it off, and have a fresh piece of paper ready for you.

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