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Sweetgrass Prints Notecards

by Alicia

There are times when you are looking for a card and can’t find one that says exactly what you want to convey. It is times like those when you should resort to a good old-fashioned letter. I know most people are so connected by technology that e-cards, emails and text messages have become the way to communicate but nothing beats a hand written note that says how you feel that the recipient can hold onto as a keepsake of their relationship with you. Sweetgrass Prints has a line of custom notecards and paper goods that will get anyone in the mood to take out a pen and jot down some feelings or well wishes to someone special. They have prints for special occasions like birthdays or baby showers and then just every occasion notecards that can come monogrammed with your first initial printed right on the card. One of my favorites is the Pink and Chocolate Floral Note Set that has a set of 3 printed floral designs in the bottom corner of the card. What is really cool is that if you are looking for a specific color pattern or design you can contact them directly and they will help you come up with the perfect stationary!

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