xxx Wendy Conrad Handmade on Etsy — Damn I Like That!

Wendy Conrad Handmade on Etsy

by Hali Felice

Who doesn’t love them some art? We are always on the lookout for fun, creative and pretty displays of art across the wide world web, stores, galleries and beyond. We stumbled upon a collection of art called Wendy Conrad Art and fell for many different pieces. While we can’t take the time to show you them all, we chose two pieces that really stuck out to our liking. But be sure to check out all of her stuff, as well.

Bring a smile to the one you love with a sweet and adorable love letter on this Wendy Conrad Handmade Love Letter Note.  Make that someone feel special with a handwritten note just from you, on these blank note cards.  They come in a 2-card set, each card embellished with a small print of an original painting from Wendy’s Love Letters series.  Each of these pieces of artwork are “framed” with twine and cream tissue paper. They even come with their own gray envelopes.

Creativity really must be overflowing through Wendy Conrad’s veins, because that is the only way she could have come up with a Bird Magnet Set such as this.  These little magnets are made from scraps of wood leftover from when she replaced the pickets on her front porch.  What a great way to go green, no?  Each mini block then has dictionary illustrations taken from vintage pages displayed and varnished to each piece.  Powerful magnets are attached to the back, making it a very functional and interesting work of art.  This particular set includes the dove, crow, and woodpecker.

Buy | $7.50 – Wendy Conrad Handmade Love Letter Note
Buy | $9.00 – Bird Magnet Set