xxx CLAMCASE iPad Keyboard Case & Stand — Damn I Like That!

CLAMCASE iPad Keyboard Case & Stand

by Cecil

While the iPad is the best portable computing device, the lack of keyboard makes taking it with you and doing real work, like typing, less desirable. Also, carrying around those portable keyboards kind of defeats the purpose. At that point you might as well just take your laptop.

CLAMCASE has come up with the best of both worlds, offering your iPad protection and a keyboard all in one very portable case that lets your iPad still be the tablet you love while giving you the keyboard you need.

It offers a full QWERTY keyboard that connects via bluetooth and Patented Hinge Technology that lets you use your iPad in a variety of different angles. And, when you are all done, it folds up and protects your iPad. It’s the only accessory you need for your iPad.

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