xxx Sports Chair Deluxe from Bed, Bath & Beyond — Damn I Like That!

Sports Chair Deluxe from Bed, Bath & Beyond

by Alicia

Sometimes the chairs that they have available at the beach or the pool can be less than comfortable. It’s not a bad idea to have your own chair that you can bring with you. If you are in the market for a new outside chair this summer, might as well treat yourself to the Bentley of beach chairs, the Sports Chair Deluxe from Bed, Bath & Beyond. This chair has just about everything. It has a fold out table that can lay across your waist when you are ready to enjoy a cold beverage or a snack. It has a detachable and insulated 12-can cooler compartment to keep your drinks and food from being scorched by the sun. And, if you aren’t trying to get too much sun, it has a detachable sunshade which can be adjusted based on the direction of the sun. It also has lots of compartments and holders for your keys, a book or magazine, iPod or anything you take with you outdoors. And, there is an insulated bottle holder so you can stay hydrated. Basically, everything you need to stay in that chair and be comfortable throughout the day. It folds flat for storage and transportation with a convenient shoulder strap for carrying. Everyone will definitely be jealous of you in this chair!

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