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Arem Designs

by Alicia

Arem Designs

Arem Designs 2

I am always amazed at how creative some designers can be. Who would have thought that you could take a circuit board and make something fashionable out of it? Well, that is exactly what jewelry designer Debby Arem of Arem Designs has done. The line of earrings and pins are made out of recycled circuit boards along with metallics and beading to add some feminine touches. Each piece is obviously handmade and unique. You would never know you are wearing what used to be part of electronic equipment! Now you can combine your love for technology and accessories. The jewelry designer also features a line of beaded necklaces made out of a variety of gemstones including metals, ivory, ceramics, glass and more. The necklaces all have intricate details and will serve as artwork for your neck.

Earrings $28.00
Necklace $200.00