xxx Cashmere Silk Candice Wren Pashmina — Damn I Like That!

Cashmere Silk Candice Wren Pashmina

by Hali Felice

Cashmere Silk Candice Wren Pashmina

A few days of warmer weather should not fool you into believing winter is over.  We still have 6 more fierce weeks of colder and miserable weather.  If you are looking for a nice way to remain warm on those colder days or chillier nights, we suggest a fine looking pashmina.

You can easily take your pashmina from winter into spring, as you can use it as either a scarf or a wrap.  Try this Cashmere Silk Candice Wren Pashmina.  It’s a sweet pink color with an adorable design of ballet costumes.  Dancers and not so dancers alike will enjoy this design.  If pink isn’t exactly your thing, be sure to check out the other available colors you can have this design printed onto.

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