xxx CC Skye Wide Buckle Bracelet — Damn I Like That!

CC Skye Wide Buckle Bracelet

by Hali Felice

CC Skye Wide Buckle Bracelet

Jewelry is a woman’s greatest accessory, so we feel that she can never have enough pieces in her jewelry collection. I know that my jewelry boxes are filled with endless bracelets, necklaces, earrings and much more. This CC Skye Wide Buckle Bracelet is incredibly appealing because of its unusual style, making it outshine anything that you may already own. It is a black cuff bracelet with a gold buckle, much resembling that of the typical belt that you wrap around your waist. Don’t be fooled by the opening however, this CC Skye Wide Buckle Bracelet secretly opens on the end of the buckle with a clasp that unsnaps. Not only will this bracelet look ah-mazing in your collection of bracelets, but it will also look great as it sits upon your ever so dainty wrist. For a little more festive fun, you will easily give people the illusion that you actually have the world’s tiniest belt wrapped around your wrist!

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