xxx — Damn I Like That!

by Alicia

Everyone can relate to this scenario. You date a guy for awhile and you accumulate a number of gifts and jewelry given to you by your boyfriend. Then you and said boyfriend break-up and you are left with a lot of memories that make you think of him but not enough to want to give them all back. So you hold on to all of the jewelry but there comes a time, especially after you start dating another guy, when you don’t want to be wearing a necklace or a ring given to you by your ex. So what do you do with all the stuff? Sure, you can sell it at a pawn shop but I wouldn’t even know where to look for one. Well, there is a now a new website,, that can help you rid yourself of all those memories and finally move on from your ex. The concept of the site is simple, you can buy, sell or trade all that jewlrey that you have been holding onto and there is also a blog on the site where you can vent about your ex and finally free yourself from all of those pent up feelings. There are categories for all types of jewelry and then my favorite category, “Gifts that Should Have Been Jewelry” for all of those miscellaneous gifts you have been given. It’s a great way to finally move on and to give others the chance to enjoy some of the jewelry you once enjoyed but don’t want to look at anymore.

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