xxx Handbag Hangers — Damn I Like That!

Handbag Hangers

by Alicia

Handbag Hangers

As women we frequently experience the handbag dilemma – can’t leave home without it but what do you do with it when you are out. When you head out to dinner with your designer bag the last place you want to put it is on the floor, where it can get trampled on or have food and drinks spilled on it. The Handbag Hangers from Local Hardware are the perfect and of course fashionable solution. It’s a hanger that suspends from a flat surface so you can keep your handbag off the floor and secure.

Steppin' Out - Carrie Handbag Hanger

The hanger comes folded up in a case so you can keep it right in your purse to always have it on hand for easy access. The hanger head rotates 90 degrees to open the hanger and hang from a table top. There are a few different style collections you can choose from. My favorite is the Steppin’ Out Collection. Each hanger is named after one of the Sex and The City girls and is adorned with a pair of rhinestone stilettos of course!

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