xxx Hem Gems — Damn I Like That!

Hem Gems

by Alicia

Without fail, every time I buy a new pair of jeans I need to take them to the tailor to be hemmed. The sad reality of being 5 feet tall. I usually always get them hemmed to fit with my heels so when I wear the jeans with flats they are too long and drag. Here’s a great alternative so your jeans fit no matter what shoes you wear.

They are called Hem Gems and it’s an instant tailoring solution. You just fold up your jeans, tuck the cuff under so just the original hem is showing, and apply the Hem Gems to hold the new length in place. They come in classic rivet or pyramid stud designs. Such an innovative way to get the perfect fit to your jeans. My tailor might be losing some business because of these!

Buy | $19.99 for a pack of 8