xxx Jaclyn Anthony Designs Custom Bracelet Stack — Damn I Like That!

Jaclyn Anthony Designs Custom Bracelet Stack

by Alicia

The bracelet stack is the hot new wrist accessory for the summer. Mix and match colors, shape, style and size. Stack them high or low. If you are feeling intimidated by the bracelet stack and aren’t sure how to make it work, the Jaclyn Anthony Designs Custom Stack is the perfect way to get started. The bracelet stack is custom-designed for you and comes with leopard print leather cuffs, a brass plate bracelet, and gold tubed bracelet with Swarovski crystals and pearls. But you can still add some of your own touches by choosing the color of your Swarovski crystals and selecting the color and monogram on the brass plate bracelet. It’s a great starter stack to inspire you!

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