xxx Julia Cocco Cupcake Watch — Damn I Like That!

Julia Cocco Cupcake Watch

by Hali Felice

Who can argue that cupcakes might just be the most delicious little cakes in the whole world? Whether it is vanilla cake with chocolate icing, chocolate cake with strawberry icing, or velvet cake with vanilla icing (the list could go on), those delectable treats are a tiny burst of deliciousness with each bite you take! So when Julia Cocco created her line of “Cupcake” Watches” , it immediately appealed to all of our senses. This Cupcake Watch is what we’d call angel food cake with vanilla icing! It is a bright, all white design with a rounded square face. The face is then outlined with raised white polka dots and finished off with a perforated rubber band. YUM. Check out the other “Cupcake” options, as well. Each comes in a deliciously fun hue, to remind us of our favorite dessert!

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