xxx Miss MacGyver Tool Kit — Damn I Like That!

Miss MacGyver Tool Kit

by Alicia

Miss MacGyver Tool Kit

Miss MacGyver Tool Kit 2

It’s funny that something I may not have had any interest in before, if it comes in pink it totally catches my eye. I do not claim to be handy at all or able to fix things, that’s why I live with my boyfriend! However, the downside of not being able to do stuff on your own is that you have to wait for the other person to get it done. Now ladies, we can have our own set of tools with this Miss MacGyver Tool Kit. It comes with five tools but each open up with other parts contained inside to actually total 45 different tools. And they all come in pink! There’s scissors, screwdrivers (flat and Philips head), wire cutters, files, knives, openers, ruler and of course a cork screw when you want to celebrate your good work. Now you can impress your man by hanging something or fixing something on your own or least attempting to!

$ 46.45