xxx Sogoli White and Chain Braid Bracelet — Damn I Like That!

Sogoli White and Chain Braid Bracelet

by Hali Felice

A part of you that gets ignored far too often are your wrists! Sure there are your arms and of course your hands, but what about the middleman? Bracelets are a great way to accentuate your delicate wrists and yet bracelets are all too forgotten much of the time. You got your necklaces and your earrings, and well of course that stunner of an engagement ring, but where are the bracelets? This Sogoli White and Chain Braid Bracelet is a beautiful way to add a little flavor to your menu. The bracelet features white ribbon and mixed metal chains that wrap twice around your wrist and closes with a hook closure. The ivory white ribbon also has its ebony counterpart, so if you feel that white may not be your color of choice, there is always the traditional black version of the bracelet that also allows your wrists to shine with all the class you could ask for and more!

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