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Are Turtleneck Sweaters Still In Style?

by Hali Felice

Q. I was checking out your site and noticed that you were starting to add more and more items for Fall. I just had a question about turtleneck sweaters. First of all, are they still in style? And second, are there any turtleneck sweaters out there that won’t be too confining around my neck? I hate that itchy and constraining feeling, especially through an 8 hour day at work! Please post some suggestions! Thanks!

A. Thank you for asking us a question that I would imagine many people are probably out there wondering themselves. YES YES YES, turtleneck sweaters are CERTAINLY in style. I actually read a few fashion articles recently that listed the turtleneck sweater as one of the top ten fall fashions to NEVER go out of style. So you are in luck my friend!

Next, I hear you on the complications the turtleneck sweater might bring along to your neck. It drives me crazy, as well. The itchiness, irritation and whole bother is sometimes just not worth the cuteness of the turtleneck. However, you are also in luck, because there are many options available out there that allow us “whiny turtleneck sweater wearers” to rejoice!

Armani Exchange Contrast Rib Tunic

Take this Armani Exchange Contrast Rib Tunic ($125.00) for example. It is a beautifully crafted, ribbed sweater, created to be worn many ways. One of which is the ever popular turtleneck. However, slight difference than normal turtleneck sweaters, as this one allows our necks to breathe! It is a cross between a cowl-neck and a turtleneck, leaving us with a hybrid of adorableness and roominess!

Jamison Cashmere Turtleneck

So while a mish-mosh between a cowl-neck and turtleneck might be what you are looking for, there are other options too. ThisJamison Cashmere Turtleneck ($282.00) fits like your standard turtleneck, but is made of the softest material known to (wo)man! Therefore, the extremely soft and cuddly cashmere material wrapped around your neck isn’t as bothersome as your usual, harsher (and cheaper) sweater materials. Leaving no time or place for irritation.

Old Navy Crochet Mock-Neck Top

Our last suggestion to avoid the turtleneck sweater blues is avoiding the sweater altogether! Why not try a different version of the turtleneck? We found that this Old Navy Crochet Mock-Neck Top ($29.50) was just as classy and enjoyable as its step-sister, the turtleneck sweater. You can still match it up with dress pants, jeans, skirts and more, but lose the irritation and confined feeling that the turtleneck sweater brings along.

Now that we offered some insight in the world of turtleneck (sweaters), we hope that whichever option you choose, that you take a look at many different sites and/or stores.  As we were on the hunt to answer your question, we uncovered so many different styles and selections.  However, we aren’t about to give you a list to bore you to tears!  So take your time, and remember….think three things; roomier necks, softer textiles and finding a possible alternative to the sweater!

Buy | $125.00 – Armani Exchange Contrast Rib Tunic
Buy | $282.00 – Jamison Cashmere Turtleneck
Buy | $29.50 – Old Navy Crochet Mock-Neck Top