xxx Bop Basics Tees – Breast Cancer Awareness — Damn I Like That!

Bop Basics Tees – Breast Cancer Awareness

by Hali Felice

Bop Basics Tees - Breast Cancer Awareness

Why not buy clothing and feel good about your purchase afterward? Instead of always regretting the damage that has just been done to your bank account. Now you can shop for adorably cute and celebrity designed tees and feel as though you contributed to a very good cause along the way. These Shopbop Breast Cancer Awareness Tees are each designed by a different celebrity, such as; Cindy Crawford or Sophia Bush. Each tee comes in “begonia” pink and contributes 50% of the purchase to the Breast Cancer Network of Strength&reg. They are a perfect addition to your favorite pair of worn in jeans. They are also soft and comfortable, made of a lightweight sheer material. Even if you yourself or someone you know hasn’t been affected by breast cancer, think of the hundreds of thousands of women (just like you and I) diagnosed each day with it. The only way to stop the continuation of it is to fight for a cure. And now even your pesky shopping habit can contribute to finding a possible cure, as well!

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