xxx City Built of Rock and Roll — Damn I Like That!

City Built of Rock and Roll

by Hali Felice

If you are a true rock n’ roller, then you will understand why any city would want to be a “City Built of Rock and Roll.” Displaying many classic rock n’ roll bands from Led Zeppelin to Pink Floyd, this t-shirt is a guitar slamming good time. Each band intertwines throughout the t-shirt to create a city skyline. Literally dubbing the lyric, “we built this city on rock n’ roll!” Choose from several sizes for both guys and girls on a black 100% cotton t-shirt from American Apparel. We must warn you though, this t-shirts can easily shrink, so make sure you keep your city of rock n’ roll alive in full size and get a size accordingly. The Police and The Doors will thank you at their next concert.

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