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Dress By Design – Be Your Own Designer

by Alicia

Here at Damn I Like That!, we are always on the lookout for the hottest products and accessories. We stumbled upon this online service and we had to let you know about it because we just wouldn’t be doing our jobs of keeping you on the pulse of what’s fashionable if we didn’t.

Ladies, back me up here. It is so hard to find that perfect dress for an upcoming occasion, whether it be a wedding, a night out with your man, or even an upcoming work event where you have to look your best. You go from store to store looking for that triple threat – a dress you like, a dress that fits you, and a dress that hopefully no one else at the event has on. And it never fails, just when you think you have found the perfect dress, the one that has it all, it doesn’t fit right or it looks so much better on the hanger than on your body.

Don’t give up! There is a website that hears our frustrations and is hoping to offer a solution. This site, enables anyone to customize an entire dress online – from fabric, color, design, sizing, etc.

Here’s the 411 on how the site works…

Step 1 instructs you to select your style. They have 5 options along with descriptions and essentially the style of the dress refers to the shape and the skirt lines (how it will fall from the waistline). You know you body best, so pick the style that works best with your body type.

Dress Style

Once you choose the frame for your dress, Step 2 gets into the real fun – picking all the unique details and characteristics to match your personal style. First you choose the neckline. Options range from v-neck, to square, to mock turtleneck. You can click through each option and the image of the dress on the right will change to display what each option will look like. Next comes choosing the sleeves on the dress. The options start at sleeveless and go all the way to full length sleeves that come down to the wrist. The final design option is length. They can make the dresses mid-length, to the knee or long.

Next select your fabric. The fabric choices are separated by categories depending on the purpose of the dress. So they have categories ranging from ‘Night Out on the Town’ to ‘Weddings’ and ‘Pretty Plaid.’ Once you select the category a number of fabric swatches will appear and you can click through and see how each will look on the accompanying dress image. You can even supply your own fabric if you have something special already chosen!

The final, and what is probably the most difficult step for most ladies is the sizing. The site tries to make it as simple as possible offering a size chart based on bust, waist and hip and also a length drop down so you can choose the exact length of where you want the dress to fall. And, what’s even great for those of us with disproportionate bodies, you can mix and match the sizes if let’s say you are a size 8 on top and a size 6 on the bottom.

The prices obviously vary based on design elements and fabric but this is a great alternative to spending countless hours searching for the perfect dress and more money getting it tailored to fit you properly – why not just create your own!

So just call yourself Vera Wang and let you’re the designer from within come out.