xxx Fall Fashion Alert: Uggs — Damn I Like That!

Fall Fashion Alert: Uggs

by Hali Felice

As summer comes to an end, fall and winter trends are approaching at a very fast pace. That means that if you don’t hold on tight now, you might just miss out on some of the hottest and “must have” trends for the cooler weather. One of these trends that most would probably like to believe went out of style years ago, is the ever popular Ugg. Brought to us from our friends down under, the Ugg brand created a fashion phenomenon amongst tweens and adult females alike. Worn with the ever so popular jean skirt and/or leggings, the Ugg boot was sent all aboard the fall and winter trend train. We chose three styles to broaden your horizons and maybe even convince you to jump on the Ugg train this season.

Classic Tall Ugg Boot

First, we introduce you to the classic Ugg. This Classic Tall Ugg ($160.00) Boot comes in four different colors, hits high on the calf and keeps not only our feet toasty, but our lower legs, as well. Wear these with a fun pair of leggings or skinny jeans, whatever you can appropriately tuck inside.

Broome Riding Boot

If you are opposed to following the masses, then we introduce a stylish alternative.The Broome Riding Boots ($250.00) is a new design that features a suede boot with a rounded toe, completely different, yet so much of the same as the other classic Ugg Boots.

Coquette Clog

Maybe though, boots just aren’t your thing, but you have been craving that shearling lining and that soft touch of the Ugg. That is where the Coquette Clog ($90.00) comes into play. It is the same Ugg suede and shearling that you love in the boots, but is a slip-on clog. This allows for more breathing room and versatility when it comes to putting on your shoe and taking it off again.

Stain and Water Repellent & Cleaner and Conditioner

Whichever Ugg is the Ugg for you, we suggest that you keep them looking fresh and crisp as the day you bought them, by also purchasing their own Stain Repellant and Water Repellent ($8.00), as well as their Cleaner and Conditioner ($8.00). Both products work together to not only prevent, but also to clean and restore damage from harsh weather conditions. And while we are on the subject of all this Ugg talk, we might also suggest that you explore your Ugg options immediately and order even faster, because as we all know, year after year, we go through the same trauma of missing out on a great pair of Uggs. No excuses this year, as we have JUST reminded you!

Buy | $160.00 – UGG Australia Classic Tall
Buy | $250.00 – UGG Australia Broome Riding Boot
Buy | $90.00 – UGG Australia Coquette Clog
Buy | $8.00 – UGG Australia Sheepskin Stain and Water Repellent
Buy | $8.00 – UGG Australia Sheepskin Cleaner and Conditioner