xxx “Follow It” Threadless Tee — Damn I Like That!

“Follow It” Threadless Tee

by Hali Felice

Checking out the new threads at, I came across a very interesting design for a shirt.  While many of their designs are interesting, this one struck me more so than all the others.

"Follow It" Threadless Tee

At first glance, the “Follow It” tee appears to be a picture of the heart, with some squigglys here and there.  But the closer you look, the more you see that the alleged squigglys are really what resembles a public transportation map!


We aren’t too sure if it follows the paths of the New York subway or the DC Metro, but we do know that it’s super cool!  Cardiac surgeons and travelers alike can appreciate the comedy and appeal in a shirt like this.

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