xxx Frederick’s of Hollywood Halloween Costumes — Damn I Like That!

Frederick’s of Hollywood Halloween Costumes

by Hali Felice

Frederick's of Hollywood Halloween Costumes

As the weeks roll by, it’s getting closer and closer to the scariest (and most fun) holiday among us; Halloween! And what not a better way to bring around the ghouliest of times, than by searching for that perfect Halloween costume. Sure, you probably recall times of clowns, ghosts, witches, and more, but as we outgrow that stage, especially as women, we have to ask ourselves. Are we ready to go for the “sexy Halloween costume?” If you have ever gone to a Halloween party in previous years, then you know very well what the 20 something girl steps out in. It is said to be a holiday for those girls that might be shy the other 364 days out of the year, to let loose. I chose three different “sexy” Halloween costumes from the sex maven themselves, Frederick’s of Hollywood , and I ask you all to leave a comment; would you dare to be sexy this Halloween?

Buy | $29.00 – Sultry Sailor
Buy | $58.00 – Buccaneer Corset
Buy | $62.00 – French Maid Plus