xxx Gap Design Edition White Shirts — Damn I Like That!

Gap Design Edition White Shirts

by Hali Felice

Be fashion forward without paying the fashionable overcompensating price tag! Everyone dreams of being able to afford those “off the runway” clothes straight from Paris or Milan, but not many of us can. That is why we love that the Gap is featuring many exclusive designs straight from the finalists of the 2007 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund. Shirts, dresses, jewelry and more are being exclusively offered at your local Gap. The Gap Design Edition designs reveal all the edge and hipness of new trends, but don’t sport that hip (and incredibly expensive) price tag. The designs are a fresh new take on a simple white blouse, with unique necklines, waists and detailing. Don’t forget to also check out the jewelry collection and men’s shirts, which also offers a fresh approach to the simplest of designs. Sometimes all you need are the simplest of items to spruce up a pair of jeans, a black pencil skirt and more classic items you already own. This being said, these exclusive white tops are ideal for the simpleminded, yet fashionista wannabes.

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