xxx Laura Dahl York Top — Damn I Like That!

Laura Dahl York Top

by Hali Felice

Laura Dahl York Top Neon

If you were a child of the 80s and/or early 90s, heck if you were around for either, then you MUST remember the ever so eye burning trend of neon colored everything! Well, they say that trends come back to haunt us and this one certainly has this spring. Neons are back with a bigger and, if you can believe it, louder presence. A great example is this Laura Dahl York Top . With its shockingly intense hot pink hue, it screams for attention. The wing style sleeves are breezy and loose fitting, with delicate chains and stone charms attached at the bottom of each opening under the arms, to add a little something different to an already attention seeking shirt. Match this up with more subdued bottoms and accessories to make sure that you do not blind your audience and ruin the impression you are giving off. Remember, when it comes to neons….one piece at a time!

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