xxx Lilly Pulitzer Black and White Party Dress — Damn I Like That!

Lilly Pulitzer Black and White Party Dress

by Hali Felice

Lilly Pulitzer Black and White Party Dresse

If you are a woman of the times, than you are quite familiar with the show, “Sex and the City.” What you might not be aware of though is that they are producing a movie version of the hit HBO series, as we speak. One must be completely prepared for the girlish debauchery that will be unleashed when the film is released in theaters, and there is no better way to prepare for such than with a great dress to fit the part! The Lily Pulitzer Black and White Party Dress is all city and maybe also a little sex(y). It resembles something that Sex and the City’s very own Charlotte York would purchase on Fifth Ave. It is so much more than just an elegant cocktail dress with a black bodice and print skirt. It also has a strikingly vibrant hot pink bow to add a little color to an otherwise pretty standard colored dress. It falls just below the knee and would be a great match with round toed heels or a pointy open backed mule. Wear it to work, to a happy hour or simply to the well anticipated (and inspiring) movie premiere!

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