xxx Monica Jacket from Fossil — Damn I Like That!

Monica Jacket from Fossil

by Hali Felice

Monica Jacket

Ok so it definitely is a little bit retro, maybe even a little bit vintage, but it’s still got a whole lot of delightful charm. This Monica Jacket from Fossil might be something plucked right out of a good 1950s sitcom, but it certainly is appreciated nowadays, as well. After all, doesn’t every style make its big return in time? The Monica Jacket is a fun plaid print short sleeve jacket that works great as a layering piece this fall. Layer tees and tanks of all shapes, sizes, lengths and colors, along with your favorite pair of jeans, and you got yourself a super cute and yet super relaxed ensemble for a laid back Friday night. It is lightweight, easy to take on and off, and is so colorful that it jazzes up any otherwise plain outfit. Consider it a new (and yet old) way to accessorize.

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