xxx Nieves Lavi Palmira Top — Damn I Like That!

Nieves Lavi Palmira Top

by Hali Felice

If you are planning a vacation to somewhere warmer and more luxurious in weather and setting, we recommend that you pack appropriately. This Nieves Lavi Palmira Top is the perfect addition to your vacation packed suitcase. It is 100% white cotton that allows the fabric to breathe throughout a hot day. Not to mention it is also a tunic top that allows for even more breezy goodness to flow throughout. Atop the white cotton is a mish-mosh of tye-dye in green and yellow to give the tunic a complete tropical look. Wear it with a matching skirt, jean capris and an adorable sandal (to show off your pretty pedi, of course). This shirt will easily allow you to transfer yourself into a more relaxing and better place as quickly as you can say, “another margarita please!”

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