xxx So Low Tie-Dye Band Fold Over Pant — Damn I Like That!

So Low Tie-Dye Band Fold Over Pant

by Hali Felice

Who said sweats were anything to keep inside?! Wear your sweatpants out and proud…as long as they are super cute! Sweatpants are completely permissible outside of your house, as long as you have on a flattering and adorable pair. We totally approve these So Low Tie-Dye Band Fold Over Pants to be worn on errands, to the gym, or just lounging outside on a nice sunny day. It is a jersey sweat pant that folds over at the waist to reveal an incredibly nostalgic and classic trend; tye dye! The tye-dye waist band that folds over brings an array of colors that the rest of the sweat pant lacks. A perfect combination in styles and colors. Match these up with a cute tank and even a zip-up hoodie (for a cooler day) and you are on your way to stop being couped up at home! Sweats like these need to be shown to the world…one errand at a time.

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