xxx Wraps Are Hot, Hot, Hot! — Damn I Like That!

Wraps Are Hot, Hot, Hot!

by Lauren

Scarves aren’t just for bundling up in winter anymore. They’re getting greedy and busting onto the summer scene, too! Scarves and wraps have hit fashion hard and they’re everywhere right now. I walked into American Eagle yesterday and found one on just about every mannequin. Maybe they were chilly.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m embracing the summer scarf, but I must admit that it feels a bit forced. Who in their right mind wants to put a scarf or wrap on in 95-degree weather? C’mon, seriously. I’m looking to the fall to really start rocking this trend hardcore. I’ll at least be able to viably justify it then.

As I mentioned, AE is pushing these scarves right now. They have them in almost every color. My favorites are the AE Windchill Scarf in Bright Mango/Pink Heart and the AE Crinkle Lurex Scarf in Grey. According to them, they “fall perfectly tied any way.” Both are sold for $19.50 online or in stores.

Another scarf that’s superfun is the Lulu Lurex Scarf icon in Coral Silver from Buckle. Like the other scarves highlighted, this one is light and flowy, perfect for early fall. Theirs is only $14.00 and can be found online or in stores as well.

Delia’s offers some more youthful scarves, with music note, floral, and star patterns. My favorite happens to be their Star Scarf in Blue Multi for $16.50. It’s more a fun, casual scarf, not so polished. This scarf says, “I’m going to the movies to see James McAvoy’s hot self in Wanted.” Mmm.

Perhaps, while sitting in the theater, waiting to watch Wanted, the guy next to you, equally excited for Angelina Jolie’s apprearance, strikes up a conversation. The conversation will most certainly lead to a date since you’re hot. For such an occasion, you may want to wear a scarf like the Crinkle Silk Scarf from Arden B. It looks like a silk bandana- tre chic! It may look more refined, but you get what you pay for. This scarf, offered in Pumpkin and Scuba Blue (my fav), will run you $68.00. The Arden B. scarf has embroidery and beading details, along with the fringe that the other scarves offer.

The contest winner for hottest scarf or wrap has to be Free People’s Patchwork Scarf. It takes style, confidence, and a love of pink to rock this wrap. For those with an aversion to pink, they have it in yellow, too. As per their description, it boasts “raw seamed edges, fringe trim, and beaded appliqué detail.” Oh, it’s fun. Unlike the others, this scarf is a perfect square, so you have to know how to wrap your wrap. For $58.00, this is my pick for the most bang for your buck. It packs a punch! Go to Texeresilk for every possible way to fold and mold your scarf to fit your style.

If you’re wondering where in tarnation you’re going to store all of these scarves, I have the solution for you. In college dorms, it’s a well-known fact that you have virtually no storage space. To store my massive collection of scarves, and I mean massive, I went out and purchased two Overdoor Cap Rack . I have toted them along with me to subsequent apartments and I have them stored on my closet door as we speak. It’s a perfect solution! If you want to try it out, you can head over to and get a set of two for only $10.99 by Jokari.