xxx Tomboy Shorts From Marika — Damn I Like That!

Tomboy Shorts From Marika

by Alicia

Tomboy Shorts

Even though winter is coming, it is still hot and steamy in the gym which sometimes poses a problem when dressing to go workout. You still need workout options that will keep you cool, well as cool as you can be with your heart racing. You don’t want to sweat in the gym but you need to bundle up on cold days to get there. It might always be a good option to change when you get to the gym so you don’t have to worry about those dramatic changes in temperature during the walk from your car to the gym. These Tomboy Short from Marika are great to add to your gym attire all year round. They are made out of cotton and spandex and come in a variety of basic color options. They have a thick drawstring waist and fall right to the knee so you can give your legs some breathing room while running on the treadmill. They are also pretty affordable so you can build out your workout wardrobe without breaking the bank.

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