xxx Johnathan Kayne Tiara Heels — Damn I Like That!

Johnathan Kayne Tiara Heels

by Hali Felice

Summer brings lots of weddings and as important as it is for you to dress the part of a stunning bridesmaid or guest, it is equally as important for your feet to also dress that part! We find that a neutral colored shoe can go many directions when it comes to different styles and colors of dresses. These Johnathan Kayne Tiara Heels are a gorgeous open toe satin shoe, that features Swarovski crystals upon a tiara pendant. Created by Designer Kayne Gillaspie, they let you reveal your inner princess with a feeling of beauty and grace. Be sure to match them with an equally gorgeous purse and you are ready to take them through the summer to many weddings and other fancy occasions. While it is the bride’s day to shine, it doesn’t mean that you can’t…just a little!

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