xxx Martinez Valero Camila Ankle Strap Sandals — Damn I Like That!

Martinez Valero Camila Ankle Strap Sandals

by Hali Felice

As we get older, we don’t get to dress up as much as we used to….birthday parties, proms, formals, and more start to dissolve into our past, right before the overload of friend’s weddings. While our little girl fantasies of putting on that poofy pepto bismol lacy dress and patent leather mary janes are a memory of the past, our girly sense of style doesn’t have to become a memory along with it. These Martinez Valero Camila Ankle Strap Sandal are a cute and fresh way to bring back your adorable and girlish ways. Choose from several patterns and colors to match most dresses. And the Camila also features a smooth silk upper with a trendy asymmetrical bow detail. A slender strap wraps the ankle and fastens with a pretty jeweled buckle. All the girl and all the glam…that is what women are made of!

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