xxx Penn Wedges by Jessica Simpson — Damn I Like That!

Penn Wedges by Jessica Simpson

by Hali Felice


If you are lucky enough to be able to take time off from your busy life to venture on a Caribbean vacation or island cruise, you are going to need to prepare for the utmost perfection in footwear. While department stores are raging on with sales of boots, boots and more boots, it might be a tad bit difficult to purchase a pair of open toed wedges or sandals flats in the month of January. That is where the internet comes in! Welcome to your 24 hr, 365 days a year, open shoe store. Try these Penn Wedges by Jessica Simpson . They are available all year round at and make for a great finishing touch to any black sun dress or pair of capris. The zebra stripes keep you feeling exotic underneath the most tropical of suns!

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