xxx Pierre Dumas Beyonce — Damn I Like That!

Pierre Dumas Beyonce

by Hali Felice

Whether you are feeling as if you could dance the night away with the celebs on “Dancing with the Stars” or you feel like you could rock out all night to a Beyonce CD, these little heels will give you the power to move and groove in any way you choose! Oddly enough the pumps themselves are actually called “Beyonce,” and these heels are a faux snake skin t-strap pump that adds a little metallic glitz to your evening wear. Metallics come and metallics go, just as all styles do in this fashion world, but when they are hot…THEY ARE HOT. Metallics are just one part of the 80s that we are all glad made a comeback (still praying the side ponytail won’t follow!). Now, just put your best foot forward on the dance floor, in these Beyonce heels and let the crowd be amazed by your fancy footwork and fancy footwear!

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