xxx Smart Heel — Damn I Like That!

Smart Heel

by Alicia


I really need this product! I don’t know about you but I am so rough on my shoes. They wear and tear at the weirdest spots and I end up spending a good chunk of money at my local shoe repair shop because some of them I am just not ready to let go of yet. One spot on my pumps that always get worn out is the heel. Whether it is from walking around in the city and having my heel get caught in between cracks or just scraping them on the side of curbs, they always seem to tear and get scratched up. Well, this ingenious product called Smart Heel is designed especially to protect your heels from this common wear and tear. It slides right over your heel and is a protective covering that is available in clear or black and 2 different heights – 3 inches or 4 inches. The website also indicates that they will be coming out with other styles to fit different heel shapes and sizes. So now you won’t have to be nervous to wear your favorite shoes out because you will know at least one part of them will be protected. After all a fabulous pair of shoes should not be kept in the closet! $9.95 Via[Stylebakery]